□Interior Designer
    □Building mechanical and electrical engineer
    □Architectural structure designer
    □Architectural project manager
    □Execution manager
    □Visual contents creator

  • ○ Requirements:Longer than 3 years of working experience in the field of job you are applying to. Under 65 years old
  • ○ Wage system: Annual salary system
  • ○ Work Locations: Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Foreign countries
  • ○ Working hours: Weekday 9:30-18:30
  • ○ Benefits: Health insurance/Pension/unemployment insurance/workers' accident compensation insurance
    □How to Apply
  • ○Download and fill in the application form,
  • Send the application form to saiyo@plantec.co.jp (5Mb or smaller)
  • Application is accepted only by E-mail
  •       Download file :(PDF形式83KB)(Excel形式37KB)
  • ○Selection result will be sent to you in 2 weeks
  • ○Interview
  • Please bring your portfolio and paper qualifications
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